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Clever Ways to Hide the Kitty Litter Box

A client recently challenged us to find a kitty litter box that could be placed in a very public place in her house and still be presentable. Once a client has a quirky request like this, I am forever on the hunt for a solution even after I’ve found one to please the client!

While on our last trip to Guatemala, Joann was reading thru the Delta Skymall magazine and actually found the perfect thing!

kitty litter 5

But like I said, I still can’t help keeping an eye out! There’s actually some really cool options out there when you start looking!

kitty litter 1

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This snazzy one, made in France (but shipped for free to the U.S.!) is called the PooPooPeedo Cat Toilet. OMG I had to laugh.

kitty litter 2

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This is my favorite one. It comes in different sizes and colors.

kitty litter 3

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I have two cats and am admittedly way too OCD to have a kitty litter box anywhere in the main part of the house.  I have two boxes in the basement that the cats go in from the top. It keeps the litter very contained.  Not very decorative, but nobody sees them (except Mike – scooping the litter is HIS job thank God).

kitty litter 4

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So thank you Mrs. Client for challenging us with this request. It definitely makes our job interesting to say the least!


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Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Fabrics!

When selecting upholstery for our design projects, we always keep in mind what fabric will be the best choice for our clients.  Everyone is concerned about spills, stains and cleanability.  Did you know there were special “codes” for fabrics and those codes represent how the fabric can be cleaned?


photo credit

These codes are very important because cleaning your sofa or chair with the wrong product can cause serious damage.  Most furniture fabrics now carry cleanability codes to determine the best and safest way to clean your fabrics.


Windsor Smith Fabrics for Kravet.

Code “W”

This is used on fabrics that should be cleaned with water bases products only.  The best method is to spot clean using foam from water based cleaners or non-solvent cleaners.  Apply foam with a soft brush in a circular motion and vacuum when dry.


West Elm Sofa

Code “S”

Fabrics with this code require using a water-free cleaning solvent or dry cleaning product.  Make sure your room is well ventilated.   A product I love is called Spot Shot.

spotshot 001

It can be found at grocery stores, Walmart and Target.


Emerald Fabric – Fabricut

Code “W-S”

These fabrics can be cleaned with either water or solvent based products.


Schumacher Fabric via Style Studio

Cleaning Code “X”

Clean only by vacuuming or light brushing with a non-metallic stiff bristle brush.  Do NOT use water or solvent based cleaners.

One of our favorite fabrics to use for busy families with kids and pets is Sunbrella.  It is no longer just used outdoors.  They have come a long way, with soft weaves and “not so bright” colors.  Here is a Sunbrella fabric used in a desk chair by Joe Ruggerio of joeruggerioathome.com


Sunbrella and other “outdoor” fabrics work well if you so happen to have that cat who loves to claw.  Click HERE for tips on how to stop a cat from clawing furniture!


Here is Sunbrella’s guide to care and cleaning of their fabrics.

And one last tip to help your fabrics last longer is to use a beautiful throw to cover up those areas you want to protect.  Here is a favorite from Doctors Foster and Smith.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 6.40.26 PM

Now, for red wine and some other common stains, click HERE for tips on removing them.

Have a great “stain free” week!!


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A Dwell With Dignity Atlanta Update

Despite the twenty (literally) design projects we have going on right now, working with Dwell With Dignity to design a new home for a once homeless mom is currently our greatest thrill.  As with all of our charitable outreach, the kindness and generosity of our family, friends and colleagues is amazing!

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 6.40.22 PM

Since our last blog post on this project (read HERE), we’ve secured even more donations:

Duvet Covers, Shams and Sheets from Serena and Lilly.

A “Bubble” chandelier from Lamps Plus

Dress up clothes and books from our client and friend Jeanne Harper

Mattress and pillow covers and art supplies from Lori Creed Raney from Hedgecock Creed

A financial donation from our client Rebecca Phalen.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 6.53.59 PM

I had quite a bit of fun at Homegoods on Friday and found a clear glass lamp with a light pink shade that I am going to fill with crayons. Adorable!  Hot pink throws for the end of the bed, more colorful throw pillows and a little white barrel bedside table are also in my car! Woohoooo!

These little girls are going to have a new beginning that will change their lives. It gives me goosebumps!

We still have lots of finishing touches to purchase (a dress up trunk, shelves for books, dress up hooks, a crib blanket) and no funding to do so. If you’d like to donate to the Dwell with Dignity  Atlanta Chapter, please click HERE and be sure to dedicate your donation to Kandrac & Kole little girls room.

Stay tuned – we are installing on September 17!!!  YIPPEEE!


Kelly and Joann





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Help us Help a Dwell with Dignity Family

Yes, our charity work is in full swing again!  When it comes to changing lives (literally) thru the power of design, we can’t turn down an opportunity. This time we are partnering with the amazing Dallas based organization Dwell with Dignity to help them establish a provisional chapter in Atlanta.  We will be working with a talented team of designers, organizers and DIYers to completely furnish and decorate a 2 bedroom home for a single mom with 2 small girls who was recently homeless.


The mission of Dwell with Dignity is to “help families escape poverty and homelessness through design: one household at a time.”


 Watch this quick video to learn more. 

Our task is to help a young mom who has escaped a life of poverty and abuse, worked hard and saved her money so that she could give her little girls a better life. We are going to help her make her new home comfortable, happy and BEAUTIFUL.

Joann and I are specifically in charge of designing the little girls room! But boy do we need some help.

We’ve already had heart felt support from the following folks:

Woodstock Furniture Outlet: A set of bunk beds

Jay Scott Studios: An original piece of art

 Lacefield Designs: Throw pillows on the bed

Dena Stormer of Hearts and Sharts: Refinishing of a dresser donated by Kandrac & Kole

Currey & Company: Dresser lamp

Steve McKenzies: Fabric for window treatment

SJC Window Designs: Labor to make custom window treatment

Chris Ray with Hangman Installations: Time and labor to install art and window treatments

We still need the following: 

(2) sets of twin size sheets

(2) mattress covers

(2) inserts for standard pillow shams

Dress up trunk and dress up clothes for a 3 year old and 14 month old

Small table for beside bottom bunk

Small bedside lamp

Pink or purple crib blanket

Age appropriate books

Book shelf (these little girls love to read and be read to!)

Art supplies (we have artists in the making)

Small chandelier (every girl needs a little bling!)


1.   For a product donation, contact us directly at info@kandrac-kole.com

2. For a monetary donation, please give directly to Dwell with Dignity, (a 501c3 non profit organization).  Click HERE. When you are on the donation page, please make sure your donation goes to the Atlanta Chapter AND specifically to Kandrac & Kole. It should look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.17.19 PM


We are transforming this home on September 17th.  OMGGGGG that’s right around the corner!

Thank you thank you for all your love and support.


Kelly and Joann


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What Everyone Ought to Know About Currey and Company

As I was reading the Sunday Atlanta Journal Constitution, I came across an article in the business section that  intrigued me.  It said “Atlanta Company Bucks Trend, Believes in Paying for College”.   As I read on, I was amazed to find out it was one of our favorite lighting and home furnishings vendors, Currey and Company!


Brownlee Currey, who runs the company stated that CEO’s generally look at tuition programs  from an expense point of view and don’t look at all of the benefits.  Currey offers a full-ride education for all employees! Unlike many companies that tie education to job skills, Currey and Co. allows employees to study whatever they want without an agreement to remain with the company upon graduation.

9969 -  Currey and Company - Kandrac & Kole Blog

Brownlee estimates that in the last 12 years the company has spent $250,000 educating about 4 dozen workers.  That doesn’t include the salary for the company’s education coordinator, Lauren Gold.   Currey and Company is also building a classroom with 6 computers where Lauren will offer in-house training.   She teaches English as a Second Language and Citizenship classes that have benefitted Asian and Latin American employees.

6464 -  Currey and Company - Kandrac & Kole Blog

One employee, Tung Pham, the production manager at Currey and Co. said “If we didn’t have the education program I would not have my career today.”  He emigrated from Vietnam to Atlanta and started working in the packing department 10 years ago.  He now manages 25 workers and plans to use the company benefit to get a college degree in the IT field.  He stated,  “I want to learn in the future so I can give back to the company.  I see my life here.”

4343 -  Currey and Company - Kandrac & Kole Blog

Currey says “free education instills a sense of loyalty in Currey and Company employees.  People who engage in these programs tend to be the highest functioning employees, optimistic, helpful and smart people who will develop the skills to move ahead.”

9998 -  Currey and Company - Kandrac & Kole Blog

Currey plans to extend the education benefit to the company’s 750 factory workers in the Philippines!

3023 -  Currey and Company - Kandrac & Kole Blog

Currey has been very generous in donating to our Room Service Atlanta projects and our upcoming Dwell with Dignity project (more of that exciting information coming soon).  They also participate in several industry events.  Their most recent is  With it,  The 2014 Hampton Designer Showhouse, Design Camp, and The Design Blogger’s Conference.

5084 -  Currey and Company - Kandrac & Kole Blog

This just confirmed to me think that giving back really is what life is all about and we would like to extend an offer to you!   For any Currey and Company lighting item purchased through Kandrac & Kole between now and October 1, 2014,  10% of the profits will go to our Guatemala fund to build another home for a family in need.

9763 - Currey and Company - Kandrac & Kole Blog

Click here to start shopping.  Email us at info@kandrac-kole.com and tell us the item number(s) you are interested in for pricing and availability.   Items can be shipped directly to you!!


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