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Brizo – Improving the Human Experience in Urban Spaces

I don’t know about you, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I don’t want a lot of extra “stuff” in my life. I want to be warm, dry, comfortable and surrounded by the ones I love (with the power on!).   I felt the exact same way after 9/11. You all know I don’t live in NY/NJ anymore  but I grew up there and all of my family and many close friends live on the East Coast.

These days, if I’m going to buy something, I want it to be something special. No junk allowed. It want it to make me happy. If it looks good in my home, than I’m giddy happy.

So I REALLY appreciate a company that puts their heart and soul into researching trends that affect the human experience when it comes to products. That’s what Brizo does.  They understand that less visual clutter is calming and that clean lines can be beautiful.  They know that the ergonomics and sustainability of a product really matter. Brizo also understands that given all that, their customer doesn’t want to live in a sterile box and still appreciates vitality and interest in the products they purchase.

Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design at Brizo is at it again. He’s teamed up with architect Randy Morton to identify the trends that are driving the consumer experience as it relates to design and architecture in urban spaces. Pretty cool research.

Check out this video just unveiled yesterday by Architectural Digest that Brizo gave me the opportunity to share with our readers (just click to listen):

Why my love for Brizo? In September I joined the Brizo team with a group of my colleagues to experience New York Fashion Week and some behind the scenes R&D discussions with the talented Brizo team. As our parting gift, we were all given a Brizo Touchless faucet of our choosing. I chose the Brizo Talo faucet. No lie I had a UGA/USC tailgate party at my house and had to demonstrate for all my friends how I can turn my faucet on and off just by touching it!

So for all my friends and family still catching your breath after Hurricane Sandy, I hope you will appreciate this video and all that Brizo does to improve the human experience as it applies to something as simple as a faucet.

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