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Mitzi Beach’s Boomer Power

It’s always amazing to me how a chance meeting with a stranger can lead to something totally unexpected.

Last year while attending the Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles, a sweet, vivacious woman named Mitzi Beach (whom I did not know) was sitting behind me. During the break, we got to chatting and of course became Facebook friends. Nearly a year later, Mitzi called me and asked if she could interview me for her new book Boomer Smarts Boomer Power.  I said what I always say when opportunity comes knocking – of course!


 Besides being one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, Mitzi is an award-winning Interior Designer, Author and Baby Boomer Marketing & Lifestyle Specialist.

The largest & wealthiest demographic in this country is aging. An estimated 12,500 Boomers turn 50 every day, which is causing interior designers  like me to take a different approach to how we design for this generation of people. Mitzi firmly believes the Boomers can and must be the generation that changes the way we age in this country and her unique combination of education, expertise and experience—even the Aging in Place principles evidenced throughout her own “Living Lab” home, called Cypress—make her the ideal candidate to lead that charge.

Mitzi’s approach is really interesting. In her book she interviews several women in business as well as designers including myself (pages 45-60!), Cindy CarnahanGeri Higgins, Leslie Carothers, Lynne Barton Bier, Cynthia Bogart, Barbara Barton, Mary Baldwin, Doreen Hanna, Leslie Wood and Karen Porter.  These candid conversations are very easy to read.


Thank you Mitzi for including me in your movement to help the Boomers live life to the fullest!

You can purchase Mitzi’s book Boomer Smarts Boomer Power – Six Steps to Living Your Best for the Rest  of Your Life on Amazon be clicking HERE.

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1 Janet Aiken { 02.03.14 at 8:02 pm }

As one of Mitzis friends, I want to say she impacts everyone she comes in contact with. Her excitement and passion about our fellow boomers is catching. Her ideas are right on point. We are all better for having her in our lives.

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