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My Top 5 Pink Things I Love!

In honor of Valentines Day,  I wanted to share some great pink images that I love.

1.  A fresh and happy honeysuckle pink room from Lilly Pulitzer.

2.  A super fun dresser for a big wow in any room! – Click here for the source.

3.  An amazing stylish wool coat from Sense of Fashion.

4.  Hostess Snow Balls – Do you remember these?  I loved the color of them even back when I was a kid.  Do they still make these?

5.  The architecture of this door .  This is one of my all time favorite images via pinterest.  I would love to come home to this everyday!

Wishing you lots of love.  Happy Valentines Day!!

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1 Annie { 02.13.12 at 6:59 pm }

Love these picks! The first one is my favorite.

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