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We get SO many emails with product solicitations that I waste a good portion of my day deleting emails and unsubscribing from random companies. Note to manufacturers – your product has to REALLY catch my eye to stop my delete button.  Today, Yellow Goat Design wins the award for getting my attention.

yellow goat

Jerzy Lesko started his company, Yellow Goat Design, in his artist studio in 1997. A painter and sculptor by trade, the main business of YGD is actually lighting. YGD designs and constructs lighting for casinos, clubs, hotels, resorts, apartments, shopping centers and homes all around the world.

Dear Jerzy, 

I hope I get to collaborate with you one day. Your designs make my heart sing and my creative brain flutter. 




The Birdy

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.40.38 PM

The 8bit design by Adriana Arboleda 

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.52.37 PM


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.53.06 PM

Dot Dot Dot

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.15.12 PM

The Acero Urchin

Fortunately, YGD’s creativity and collaborative efforts with designers and architects has broadened over the years.  I mean, if you are going to play nice with friends, let’s have some REAL fun! I choose Poopah the life-size elephant.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.57.14 PM

Not to be confused with Robbie the rhinoserous.


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.00.43 PM

Yes, I am clearly of fan of color. The Pxl screen in acrylic is a modern version of a stained glass window.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.02.37 PM

Yellow Goat Design recently collaborated with Westfield to create this massive mobile for Fountaingate Shopping Centre. It’s like an enormous collection of vintage jewelry.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.06.15 PM

I love this collaboration using the Acero Tapers suspended from the ceiling for Rio Tinto’s Brisbane office.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.12.29 PM

So THANK YOU Yellow Goat Design for grabbing my attention.  I look forward to working with you one day.


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Spreading Happines with 2 Giveaways!!

 Giving back is near and dear to Kandrac & Kole, so we are spreading happiness and giving you the opportunity to win 1 of 2 $50 gift certificates to shop these amazing products on novica.com.  Let artisans from around the world bring some uniqueness into your home.  NOVICA (in association with National Geographic) is a company on a mission to spread happiness and build new lives for talented artists, many living in rural communities in Central America, India, Thailand and several other countries who don’t have the means to sell their work in the international marketplace.  NOVICA gives them a free platform to do this and reach customers globally!


I love that every purchase positively impacts someone’s life!  NOVICA has a team of local experts based in every region to provide artisans with the backup they need.  Product development, advice, quality control, etc.  They also include the artisan’s “story”.  On every product page you will find a portrait and a detailed biography of each artist.

NOVICA searches for originality, quality of workmanship and pieces they believe their customers would love.

Here are some of my favorite products:


I love the handblown technique of these glasses (for margaritas or ice cream).  Because of the handmade nature, these will vary slightly and tiny bubbles will appear in the glass!

Earrings - Novica - Kandrac & Kole Blog

Chuleekorn - Novica - Kandrac & Kole Blog

Aren’t these earrings beautiful?   They are made in Thailand by a woman named Chuleekorn.  She crochets them by hand, adding onyx and dyed calcite to a gold plated brass spiral.  She says “Some days I sit and enjoy late-night knitting sessions because I can’t wait to see how the jewelry looks when it’s finished.”

Decorative Paper Basket - Novica - Kandrac & Kole Blog

This paper box is made from Guatemalan newspapers and are handcrafted by people with different special needs.   They are very proud of their abilities to support themselves.  The program  was founded by a husband and wife,  Argentina and Francisco .  The story below may appear long, but once you start reading it, you won’t be able to stop.

Nyla Eliza was born on May 10, 1990 and she inspired her parents, Francisco Sojuel and Maria Argentina Figueroa, to start Asociación ADISA (in English it stands for Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities Santiago Atitlán).

“Our daughter was born with hydrocephaly. She underwent several operations and as a result contracted meningitis, which left huge side effects and multiple disabilities. Obviously it changed our lives drastically,” Francisco confides.

“I used to be a textile artisan, and my dad was one of the first to work the foot loom in our village. My wife Argentina was a teacher. Our new situation made us think that perhaps we were not alone, that maybe there were other parents in the region with children who had a disability and that maybe we could join forces and support each other. We took to the task of finding out and in June 10, 1997, we held our first little meeting where we shared our experiences as parents, and understand others living in the same situation as parents of children with special needs.

“In 1998 we formed ADISA and we began working with the children on the weekends. We did all the legal work to obtain placements for Special Education, we contacted neurologists and physiotherapists, and we began to get offers from people wishing to volunteer and our children began in mainstream schools.

“However, on the first of July of that same year, our beloved Nyla Eliza passed away. That same day, in the afternoon, we received a phone call telling us our project for anti-convulsion medication had been approved.

“The other parents began wondering if we would still be interested in continuing with the project. They thought we might not want to because of the pain and sorrow we felt, so we reassured them we were more motivated than ever, how could we not? Continuing the project gives meaning to our lives, including our daughter’s life. It’s amazing how a situation such as this one can have such an effect on your life and give it some kind of meaning.

“By the end of 2000, we achieved another goal – my wife’s placement as a Special Needs Teacher through our village’s Board of Education. This brought us such happiness! Dreams were becoming a reality and, together with Spain’s Médicos del Mundo (Doctors of the World) we can count on a teacher’s assistant, educational material, and build a physiotherapy and rehabilitation room for those who may need it. The beauty of this is that it all kept coming together as the needs arose.

“The recycled crafts project came as an answer to the question, ‘What will the children do when they’re too old to go to school?’ We began testing the youngsters’ abilities and we started recycling glass. They could collect it and then sell it, which resulted in a good economic incentive for the young men and their families. Then we decided to recycle newspaper because there’s always a lot of it and at a very low cost, which meant selling prices can also be low.

“There are 14 young people with different capabilities that adore their craft. We have developed different techniques in order to have each one specialize in a particular part of the process, depending on their disability: one person folds the paper, another one rolls it up, and a third person can shape the object. Their spirit for achievement is amazing and here we are – crafting products we hope will be valued for the effort and quality that go into them.

“ADISA now has volunteers coming from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and other countries. We have obtained financing for a second special needs teacher and there are now 20 children in the school. We have a 24 hour emergency service, we provide workshops for parents, and many of our children have been integrated into regular schools. In fact we have provided the community with sensitization programs to help them understand and be supportive of children with special needs. There are several programs in the areas of education, health, professional orientation, self-awareness and self-empowerment.

“We have recycling paper workshops, a bakery and a wood workshop.

“Four of our students have participated in the Special Needs Olympics at a national level and they brought back three gold medals, two silver and two bronze! The students’ lists of achievements and progress are endless!

“ADISA’s mission is to promote the social inclusion in nearby communities and villages of children with different needs, whether they are physical, mental, or sensory. We wish to reach out and offer education, health services and vocational formation to as many people as we can. Our motto is, ‘An equal world for all.’”

Francisco and Argentina have unfailingly devoted their lives to this project. Needless to say, the impact they have had on the community is admirable, and their smiles never faded as they told us their story.

This story is amazing and I think it sums up what Novica has made happen in the lives of many people in need.   I am purchasing this box for myself and putting it in my office so that every time I look at it, it will remind me of how blessed I am and how it will help others in need.

“Meaningful Design” is what Kandrac and Kole strive for in every project we work on .  We want our clients to not only look at things that are beautiful, but to be surrounded by items that tell a story or bring back memories.

To read about our recent mission trip to Guatemala, click HERE.

Click HERE to enter to win 1 of 2 $50 gift cards to Novica.com!


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“OM” Original Art

I recently built a screened porch onto the back of my house (to read about it, click HERE).  I am a firm believer that no space is complete without a piece of original art! I decided after moving Emory in to her gorgeous new house in Athens for her Jr. year at UGA that perhaps she owed me a little something….. like some “OM” original art  ….. painted with her creative hand….. bribery is a beautiful thing…..

So I turned to one of my artist friends and asked her to cut me a 30″ round piece of reclaimed wood.  I then emailed Emory an inspiration photo of the “OM” symbol which for all of you not familiar with yoga, is a symbol with many meanings. Overall, it represents the sound of divinity in all things in the past, present and future.  Om is often used as a chant in yoga to calm the mind, create a peaceful setting or achieve a higher level of consciousness. In other words, the perfect vibe for my porch!

First my husband projected the OM inspiration onto the wood so that Emory could trace the outline.

photo 1

Then she got to work…. I’m so blessed to have (2) creative kids….

photo 2

Impressive huh?

photo 3

Aaahhh finally complete!

photo 4

Macy says, “Namaste”

photo 5

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Summer Giveaway – PVE Design

We have been big fans of Patricia van Essche of PVE Design for a long time and she has been kind enough to sponsor our first summer giveaway!  Patricia is an amazing artist who’s drawings depict a celebrated lifestyle of colorful and chic homes, pets, events and more. Her illustrations are whimsical and lively which is right up our alley!  We love her work so much we incorporated it into our Services Page on our website.

Maybe I need to commission her to paint my dog next….

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.54.19 PM

I will DEFINITELY be calling her to design my daughters wedding invitation (no time soon though!)

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.55.19 PM

Patricia loves creating custom monograms for her clients.


Her work just makes me happy!

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.57.14 PM

So we think you should be able to have a piece of happy too!  Our first giveaway this summer is for (2) sets of notecards beautifully rendered by PVE Design.  Here they are:




Enter our Giveaway HERE with Rafflecopter

If you’d like to shop for more PVE creations you can visit her PVE DESIGN SHOP on ETSY.

You can also visit her on Pinterest.

Thank you Patricia!



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Chasen West Captures Guatemala

If you follow us on social media, you may have noticed some pretty spectacular photographs from our trip with Modenus Blogtour to Milan and Venice Italy this past May. Many of those photographs were courtesy of a young man with a very bright future as a professional photographer – Chasen West. We were so enamored by his talent, that we sponsored him to join us in Guatemala!

This was a bucket list kind of trip for Chasen so it was our pleasure to give him the opportunity to expand his portfolio while helping us at the same time.

I love that Chasen has what I call an “artistic grunge” perspective when he looks thru the lens.  He captured the beauty and the grit of Guatemala very well.

Here are some of my favorites:

Our crazy team with our fearless leader, Fontaine Greene from CRI.


We had (3) mother daughter pairs on the trip which was a wonderful bonding experience!


When we got to the village work site, this is what welcomed us – the beginnings of a very special home.


My college roomie Jen and design buddy Pamela Copeman cut all that wood! They were rockstars:)


I love the traditional Mayan garb the women and girls wear in the village.


This is Jaime. She has been my friend for three years. She rarely says much but she’s happy to see me!


It’s rare to see a retriever in Guatemala but of course our family had a small white golden retriever named Bobby. He was quite sick but he loved his family and followed the mom around everywhere.


Shoes are a treasured item and my favorite thing to bring to Guatemala.


This is Esteban. I met him three years ago while building a house for his family of eight and we have stayed in touch. I brought him new work boots this year.


Beautiful colors contrasting with the barbed wire…. signature Chasen…..


My friend Pamela is a talented artist. She brought watercolors for the kids. They always paint happy, beautiful images despite the surroundings that they live in.


That happy face is contagious!


More infectious laughter and smiles….


This is Maria whom we built a house for. It was an honor to give her and her five kids a new beginning.


Of course we made time for shopping in Antigua and Panajachel:)



And our team bonded even more…..


I can’t wait to go back and see these faces once again!





These photos are the property of Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs and Chasen West Photography. Please do not duplicate without request.

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