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Real Visions

Every year I make a vision board. 2011 is my fifth board. I feel very strongly that if you learn to visualize your dreams and goals and say them out loud and write them down, they will come true.

Let me repeat that – SAY THEM OUT LOUD and WRITE THEM DOWN.

I prefer a visual “eye candy” representation of my goals and visions for my future. I put the board in my office in a prominent place so I have no choice but to look at it all day long. Call it Karma, Ju-Ju, God’s power or whatever – I swear it works. I can look back at my past four vision boards and 80% of those visions have come true – some I thought would take forever but came to life much sooner than I would have ever dreamed.

So here is my 2011 board:

A few of my visions/dreams/goals/plans for the future:

1. Go on a Mission Trip (I was actually just approved for a trip to work with children in Guatemala in November).

2.  Have my work featured in House Beautiful.

3. Continue to grow my yoga practice to find inner balance, strength and patience.

4. Use a Madeline Weinrib rug in my home or in a clients home.

5. Own another Kim Schuessler piece of art – my new favorite – “Forever Yours”

6. Take photography classes with my husband Mike and taught by Oana Hogrefe.

7. Go ziplining in Costa Rica

8. Go flea market shopping in Italy with Joann.

9. Drink more water and less Diet Coke.

10. Successfully kick off K&K’s new business venture – www.designrescueonline.com

I will be sure to report back to you next year to see how many of my visions materialized. I am very confident many of them will:)

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