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The Things That Matter – Nate Berkus

I have dozens of design books all over my house and I have to admit that I’ve only really “read” a hand full of them.  Snuggled in a blanket on Christmas day, I read The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus cover to cover!  Thanks to my hubby for such a wonderful Christmas present!

things that matter

This book is very personal and I was captivated by the stories Nate tells of this life experiences and those of his friends and how the possessions in all of their homes reflect just that – the things that matter.

I know I have found the career that is perfect for me because I couldn’t agree with Nate more

” That’s what I love about building a home for myself and what I love about building a home for other people. The recipe isn’t all that complicated: You just have to add your life, your travels, your memories, the people you’ve loved, the people who’ve loved you back, all the stuff that’s crossed your path along the way – and then mix.”

Joann and I take a lot of pride in the fact that we have mastered this recipe for our clients. We will scrounge through attics and drawers to dig out the most personal chatzkies of our clients to exhibit.  We make sure that if we are redesigning a room for a client, it stills feels like “home”.

I wandered around my house after reading this book and felt good about the stories I see  reflected in every room.

Like my display of silver I’ve inherited from past generations and slowly added to myself:


 To my sand collection carefully carried home from vacations over the last six years – note the empty jar… We are going to Nevis in 3 weeks:)


 To the candle, ceramic and tree root I lugged back from Guatemala last year –


 I think Nate would be very proud!

“So here’s to the things that lift us up, anchor our lives – and tell the world who we are.” – Nate Berkus

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1 Lisa Mende Design { 12.31.12 at 3:55 pm }

Dont’ know if you know about my new series but you definitely need to be included as a contributor. This post is right on the money!!!

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